Our Collaborators

We value a multi-disciplinary approach. We also value a rich diversity in skills and opinions. That is why we work with leading international institutions alongside local expertise. You and your organisation can be part of the ‘Team Abalon’ too. Some of the institutions we are currently working with, and in various capacities, include:


Educational Institutions

How we participate

We raise and coordinate deployment of funding into specific projects. Our engagements range from:

Healthcare camps and public awareness campaigns

Training programs


Capacity  building and policy advocacy in healthcare and education

What we are doing right now

We are improving eye-care. Specific sub-programs include:

1. Vision screening in school children by teachers and designing long term intervention strategies;

2. Launching tele-ophthalmology services for remote under-served areas, to include diabetic retinopathy (DR) screening. This is an integral part of our broader regional tele-medicine initiative;

3. Coordinating community based public health events;

4. Implementing ophthalmic training programs for doctors, allied healthcare professionals, community village healthcare workers; and

5. Building polyclinics, world class eye treatment centres and clinical research facilities in Zimbabwe (to also serve Mozambique) and Uganda.