Fathers' Day Community Engagement


Abalon Trust has entered into an exciting partnership with the Barbados Diabetes Center to help provide a multi-disciplinary approach to the care of the diabetic patient. We are especially focused on innovation- specifically the use of telemedicine and artificial intelligence in the diagnosis and management of eye disease. We are also dedicated to increasing research within Caribbean region and building networks across the Commonwealth.

Zimbabwe - Vision 4 Vision Eye Camp 2019

In December 2019, ABALON Trust in collaboration with a local church in Kent England, ran vision camps and medical outreach in two rural communities in Zimbabwe (Chivi and Neshuro). ABALON was responsible for delivery of eye care services. Over four days we conducted close to 500 eye examinations, dispensed over 300 pairs of reading glasses and provided free eye drops for various eye conditions.

In line with ABALON’S vision of providing sustainable eye care solutions, we worked in partnership with local eye departments and ophthalmic practitioners in the regions to provide free eye care, CPR training, hands on clinical experience and equipment.

Testimonials from ophthalmic practitioners
“Working together with ABALON Trust was one of the great moments and events which helped the poor communities of Mwenezi. More so, upgrading of skills through consultation of patients together with specialists from ABALON Trust was a great experience. I’m grateful and hope such outreaches continue to be implemented for the benefit of the communities.” –  Sister Chikosi, Ophthalmic Nurse, Mwenezi Zimbabwe

“My experience with ABALON Trust was amazing. I came across some cases I had never seen like a macula hole. The initiative made a great impact to the community at large, as all those in need of reading glasses received a pair and some eye drops were dispensed as well. Visual acuity performance has been made accurate due to the Snellen charts and pin holes the team donated to our institution and I happened to receive some pen light torches I shared with my colleagues. Thank you ABALON. The initiative made a great impact to the community of Chivi and Neshuro.” –
Sister Josephine, Senior Ophthalmic Nurse (Chivi and Neshuro)

Living Loss

As part of our behind the eyes campaign we have secured funding from the M&S charitable foundation to support those who have lost loved ones due to COVID who also have sight problems and illnesses that can lead to problems with sight such as diabetes.  We will be partnering with the charity Living Loss to undertake this programme.