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Abalon News Letter – Issue 1

Who we are

A collection of medical, public health, academic, research and finance professionals passionate about healthcare and education. We focus on sub-Saharan Africa. Currently, we are most active in Zimbabwe, Uganda and Mozambique. We aim to improve access for large swathes of marginalised population groups; improve beneficiaries’ quality of life and prospects. We target capacity building projects, training, bespoke research and treatment programs, among others. Think avoidable blindness, dearth of local expertise, preventable stillbirths, weak and under-funded healthcare and education systems etc. We are playing our part.

World Class Abalon Team

Our team has a strong mix of ophthalmologists, nurses, academics, journalists, lobbyists and program strategists; both international and local. We are highly driven confident in succeeding.

We focus on marginal communities

Mostly in remote areas and transforming lives for marginalised population groups (women, girls, children, less privileged etc). Improving access to quality healthcare and education.